The Community Preservation Act

A State program to enable communities to fund:

  • Historic Preservation
  • Conservation, Open Space and Recreation
  • Affordable Housing

Who Pays?

  • Combination of Town and State Funding – see sidebar.

What Does the Town Have to Do?

  • We have to vote to enroll in the CPA program in order to collect State funds.
  • It is Question 1 on the Pepperell April election ballot

What Will Community Preservation Do for Pepperell?

  • Create Affordable Housing for seniors, veterans and lower income residents, so they can continue to live in their hometown.
  • Preserve Open Space
  • Support hiking trails, athletic fields, parks, community gardens
  • Protect our farmlands and clean water
  • Support Historical preservation
  • Aid in acquiring, preserving and rehabilitating Pepperell’s rich historical resources
  • Raise approximately $250,000 in the first year

Who Decides How the Money is Spent?


  • The Community Preservation Committee researches options and makes recommendations
  • Voters at Town Meeting decide what project will be funded

How Many Other Massachusetts Town Participate?

  • 187 cities and towns
  • Covers 65% of Massachusetts residents

As of 2020, Community Preservation Has:

  • Preserved over 32,000 acres of conservation and open space
  • Funded 3,000 recreation projects
  • Created or supported 20,000 units of affordable housing
  • Funded 6,300 historic preservation projects