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We carry frames from around the world, to help you get the look you want.

Have trouble choosing frames? We can help — stop by and we can work with you to match your style, your facial structure and your prescription to frames you’ll love.

Here’s just a sampling of the lines we carry:

PlumeEyewearBest Image Optical brands: Plume ParisDolabany EyewearMario Galbatti
wileyxframesWiley X: High velocity protection for work, for play, for life.
Tactical, motorcycle, racing, boating, outdoor, safety.
uberframeUber, with over 50 years in the eyewear business, providing great quality and the latest in fashion frames.
tekaTeka – Fashioned from top quality Buffalo horn, exotic wood, aluminum, and leather. Buffalo horn frames are hand-crafted for connoisseurs and lovers of that special one-of-a-kind item.These natural frames are also renowned for their harmonious colors, characteristic, fibrous structures, and anti-allergenic properties. Exotic woods with varying grains and colors are imported from across the world and emphasize natural earth tones, letting Mother Nature style a design of her own.
lightec2Lightec – All-round lightness and contrasting materials of stainless steel for the structure and temples overmolded with polyurethane rubber, these rimless frames are fitted with the exclusive Alpha screwless hinge. Whether you want vibrant or more discreet colors, freedom of choice is yours with these super-comfortable frames!
koaliKoali – The ‘Mésange’ Koali concept is inspired by the wing shape of the delicate little bird of our countryside, the blue tit. A decorative effect is created by the stylized movement of the feathers, shaping the metal of the temple and continuing onto the stainless steel or acetate fronts.
galbatti Galbatti – with influences from the 1940’s to the 80’s by blending modern edge and chic eyewear fashion into our design, you will get something we like to call Retro-Chic Eyewear Fashion. It’s a perfect balance between luxury and casual, retro flare, and yesteryear styling, featuring colorful and inspiring temples, impeccable details, and boastful colors.
serengeti2Serengeti Sunwear – Combining the latest in style and technology, including photochromic (light-adjusting) and spectral control lenses.
ogi2OGI & OGI KidsBold, contemporary eyewear, designed to stand apart from the prevailing styles. These new models deliver style and substance through the use of premium materials and diligently placed details
silhouetteSilhouette – Totally unique rimless eyewear, made from Silhouette’s proprietary hypoallergenic metal high-tech titanium, in a range of colors from quiet sophistication to bold and fun.
oga2OGA – Affordable luxury, with creative colors and a full range of styles and materials.
A rigorously designed stainless steel front is attached to a velvety-textured polyurethane rubber temple. The aesthetic appeal of this frame lies in the principle of the hinge incorporated into the endpiece.
studio3Studio 3 Occhiali – Three distinct collections of designer Italian eyewear, each with an emphasis on daring color mixes and unexpected design.The collections offer a variety of geometric designs, distinctive angles, open temple work, and intricate vibrant patterns.Taxi Eyewear: Smart casual, creative, artistic Italian design. Individually created and hand painted using bold colors and daring designs.Dolce Vita Eyewear: Distinctive patterns and provocative colors.Casanova Eyewear: Hand-painted artisan works in gold with unique accents such as stained glass.