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Smart Vision Exam™

Available today at The Artful Eye, and will be onboard IRIS, the Mobileyez van!

Used more than 50,000 times in 23 countries!

No appointment necessary

Smart Vision ExamSmart Vision Exam
Smart Vision Exam smartphone rx

Going to the eye doctor can be inconvenient, time-consuming, and may not even be covered by your insurance.

With Smart Vision Exams, you can complete your vision test in 5 minutes at The Artful Eye or (coming mid-2018) onboard IRIS, the Mobileyez van.

It’s so affordable, you won’t care if it’s not covered on your insurance. Even better, you’ll get to keep a digital copy of your prescription so you won’t lose it ever again.

Smart Vision Exams are so inexpensive that you can easily check whenever you think your prescription needs adjusting. Instead of waiting a few years until you can afford your next exam, take a Smart Vision Exam today and start seeing clearer in minutes.


Based on the same wavefront technology used in many NASA-partnered telescopes, Smart Vision Labs’ 5-Minute Vision Test lets you get a new or updated prescription that’s every bit as accurate as the old school eye testing equipment (which hasn’t changed since the 1900s).


Come to The Artful Eye anytime

  • it only takes 5 minutes
  • no appointment necessary, but you can use our online booking to reserve a time convenient for you